Channel Partners 2019 Debrief


This year’s channel partners was the best and most productive for us here at AtlasIP to date. Here I will debrief you on the meeting we had with valued partners that we’ll go to market with in 2019 and beyond. As a potential client and as a valued current customer AtlasIP is committed to keeping you informed with insights into the Telecommunications and cloud industry that directly affects the success of your business, we’re delighted to contribute to your success.

fuze image.png

1.       The most exciting partner we have this year is by far Fuze. They are a Unified Communications and Contact Center provider. A leader in the space, they really align with the values we have here at AtlasIP in that they understand our process with working with potential clients. All while not putting any stress on any opportunity, they aim to serve the client, not close. Fuze is continually improving their product and sales process to make the buying experience one of the best in the industry. They are feeding dollars into their marketing efforts and client facing events and have been a huge help to us here at AtlasIP since we started working with them late last year. Fuze was a huge success for us at Channel Partners this year.

ringcentral image.png

2.       Number 2 for us is RingCentral. The thing I’ll say to you is that we here at AtlasIP pay for RingCentral’s platform. We utilize the collaboration, voice, video and meetings apps daily and the quality of service is what we really love. That said, when we bring RingCentral to market this year this will be the message that we’ll put forth to you. RingCentral combines all aspects of communications, voice, video, contact center, analytics, meetings, sharing and much more. You won’t go wrong switching out your on-premise phone system to RingCentral. What stuck with me at the meeting with RingCentral was their willingness to invest time and effort regarding marketing dollars into our efforts at AtlasIP, this partnership will go far and will be part of our go to market strategy for 2019.

evolve image.jpg

3.       Third was a surprise for me and my team at AtlasIP and that was with EvolveIP. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re the complete telecom and cloud package. From unified communications, disaster recovery as a service, desktop as a service and contact center as a service if you want that one provider that can handle it all it’s EvolveIP.

4.       Telstra is 4th on my list because it allows us to expand our reach to Australia, pacific and even China. The key with Telstra is that they have agreement with the Chinese government to allow for fast installations of the last mile in main land China. They’re building out datacenters in key locations to service multi-national organizations and this gives AtlasIP an advantage in offering clients a way to do business internationally and within China.

5.       Cologix was a good find for us this year and they really have a great offering of datacenters in key locations in Canada. Vancouver and Toronto are the most exciting because if you have workloads that need to make their way to Canada and want a jumping off point in either of these locations Cologix would be a great destination for your new datacenter.

6.       CenturyLink always makes an impression on us here at AtlasIP because this is where I came from. All be it from TwTelecom which was bought out by Level (3) and then CenturyLink bought out Level (3). A lot of different systems moving around here and AtlasIP can navigate these waters and bring you, our client and potential client the best when it comes to connectivity, Voice service and security services. What was exciting is that CenturyLink isn’t afraid to look at providing metro dark fiber now. More to come on this front as there is a lot to think about when looking at dark fiber.

7.       Polycom merged with Plantronics to become Poly now. A match made in heaven and when we look at hosted phone systems and unified communications these new handsets will be on every desk. What is exciting is that they’ll replace the older phones with a slick new design and even Wi-Fi enablement which will cut the cord when deploying a new system. More to come here.

8.       Vonage is exciting right now for us because they align with our process here at AtlasIP. To boot, their acquisition of NewVoiceMedia positions AtlasIP as a partner that can completely integrate with your sales CRM, mainly Salesforce and integrate with Google GSuite. It’s a match made in heaven for unified communications and contact center services.

9.       Trustifi was a vendor I found at the RSA conference in San Francisco and followed up with Channel Partners. They are exciting in that they’ll provide email encryption services that is a simple add on into your Outlook365 or Google email services. We’ll be adding to the portfolio with Trusifi and are very excited to go to market with them on the email security side of the house.

wanify image.png

10.   Wanify is doing great things and if you didn't know, Wanify is AtlasIPs sister company specializing in SD-WAN powered by VmWare/VeloCloud. White glove experience and ease of use is our bread and butter. We don't sugar coat the deployment of SD-WAN, it takes careful planning and we make sure everything is taken care of upfront. Doesn't matter how many locations you have we'll help you dial in your circuit management, application control and save you time accessing cloud resources. 

There you have it; this will be a great year and hope you found some value in our experience this year at Channel Partners. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Daniel Macias – Telecom & Cloud Professional