Encouraging new technology adoption

               Down to the individual level trying to persuade or force behavior on you or anyone else for that matter will be met with opposition. You see it daily on the various news outlets and you know that the outcomes of the behavior of those in authority wont be achieved no matter their resolve to do so. Same can be applied in business and in buying new technology for your employees. Here I’ll get into how you can turn your employees from quietly hating the IT department to being an advocate for your new ideas.

               So, you have an office that needs a better phone system and you go out and find a perfect solution that you feel will be a good solution for the business. However, your employees are a mixed bag but mostly younger generation, 20-25 years old and you know that the phone isn't king. The messaging applications are endless and internally you have not thought of a way to control this new type of problem. You want to unify your internal messages for various reasons, one is to keep your own self sane and be able to secure what comes in and out of the network. Secondly, it’s hard to maintain different modes of communication internally because you and me both know that you can't understand 10 different applications and know how to troubleshoot them.

               The solution is counter intuitive, you know that by mandating a corporate policy to use one application that you can control and manage will be met with an inbox full of complaints and whining. That application could be a collaboration app like skype, gchat, jabber or slack. Your users like these applications and you want to unify them under one unified communication solution. 8x8 has a great unified communication solution for your users not just on the phone but for network and IT directors as well called “sameroom”. It’ll allow you to continue using whatever collaboration application your users prefer but then enable you to unify them under that one platform. It’s a great way to achieve a unified solution and keep your user base happily working for you.

Gartner Magic Quadrant UCAAS 2017

Gartner Magic Quadrant UCAAS 2017

               Imagine a different scenario where you have a sales team, inbound and outbound field guys and you know you have to keep them productive as they need to respond to customers and follow up on leads and deals. If one or two of your guys keeps missing calls while on the road that means lost commissions for those field reps and revenue for your business. What do you do? Again, let’s look at getting that on-premise phone system into the 21st century and go to a far superior unified communication system in the cloud.

    You have a few different options with leaders in the UCAAS marketplace such as 8x8, ring central and call tower to name a few that I work with and have started to see customer success with. Each one of these providers will allow your sales force to have access to their communications platform from any device and will be able to collaborate with customers and their sales managers anywhere. It’s all integrated into the solution and gives you, the IT admin total control over those services without worrying about your user’s adoption. UCAAS is a great way to keep YOU happy and your users happy at the same time. HERE is a great article digging deeper into the state of the UCAAS market forecast. It’s a great time to start getting into cloud telephony!

   Where can you start? Fortunately, here at AtlasIP we have the relationships with the above mentioned solution providers that we could bring in to help your business! On top of that we’ll even throw in ongoing account management and circuit monitoring. As we all know, the “IP” in VOIP is INTERNET!

Please do reach out with comments or suggestions and I’ll be happy to get back to you!

Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Professional.