3 reasons to change out that onsite phone system!


               I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Unified Communication as a Service for the enterprise since studying up and seeing how the solution can really make an impact on my customers business. Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to number of new prospective clients about their phone systems and I’ve spotted 3 patterns that have really stuck out with me. Funny how we humans spot patterns and follow our own daily. I’ll get into what I’ve seen, what my clients are wanting and how we’re addressing the challenges.

               First is that my clients have an older phone system managed at their location, sometimes the system itself is 4-5 years old already! It’s difficult to manage and do any sort of upgrades since the systems usually are not supported anymore by the manufacturer, and support vendors charge an arm and leg to maintain the system. Does this sound like you? Would you keep putting money into an old car so it can break down again 6 months later and the next thing you’re know your $4000 in the hole with an old car going nowhere fast? You might as well go to the dealership and get a brand-new car. Use that money you would have spent fixing your old car on a new car. It will have all the functionality you want and above all else, it’s easy to maintain and reliable. Turn in your old phone system and get yourself a nice and reliable pay as you go and grow cloud-based phone system.


               Second trend is management. Let me tell you that managing a cloud phone system is the easier than maintaining an onsite system. With a cloud system the user interface is like looking at your applications on your phone, you open it up, make adds and changes and save. Done. I’ve tried it on my own with our cloud system here at AtlasIP, we use one of the leaders in the space and if I can manage my own phones, so can you. Does this sound like you? If you want to add a new employee awesome! You’re growing and that means more revenue coming in, you can’t get bogged down with figuring out your new hires phone and communication platform. You want to keep your employees and especially new hires happy and engaged with the business and the first thing they’ll use is the phone and collaboration system you’ve set up. It’s imperative that they view the phone as just another application they can use and when you have an easy to manage platform that makes it a reality.

               Lastly what I’ve seen is that it’s costly to have an onsite system and not pay a ton to have a pro-active phone disaster recovery plan. If you’re working with an onsite system and you have a building power outage what happens? Phones and internet goes out. That sound like something you’ve been through? You must always be on for your customers and with a hosted phone network your customers will be able to get a hold of the corporate phone line even in a DR scenario. As an example, two of our preferred partners RingCentral and 8x8 have multiple national and global datacenters to always keep your business up and running.

               In conclusion if these reasons sound like anything that you’re experiencing then it’s time to make a change. It’s hard to give up on older things that have grown to be part of our business, but like everything else in this world change will catch up to us. Here at AtlasIP we know what it means to carve a pathway to successful outcomes with your business and phone networks is one of our top specialties in serving you.

           If you’re in the Los Angeles area we’re hosting a networking happy hour on June 6th from 4-6pm at the Golden Road Brewery. You’ll be able to get to know us here at AtlasIP and meet one our top preferred partners and Co-Sponsor 8x8 communications. A leader in the end to end unified communication and contact center solutions. Please feel free to comment and sign up to our event!

Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Professional