3 signs that you need a new internet provider

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1.   That day when you look at your data bill and see that 50Mb line you subscribed to 4 years ago is way too high. I mean greater than $2000 a month high. We all know technology changes and that does not exclude fiber availability. For $2000 today you can get between 500Mb to 1Gb depending on the fiber provider in your area.




2.     That day when you have that important conference call with a prospective client. You just installed that awesome new hosted phone system with all the nice features and got the best price for it and it finally installed. Then out of nowhere the call sounds like it’s breaking up, lagging, you’re saying “hello” hello”! No! Log off, log back in and try the whole thing over again. How embarrassing. First thing you need to look at is your fiber internet service as that network is the foundation for everything that we do. Phones, emails, HR apps, Ticketing, Accounting software, without a reliable connection you are toast. And may lose a client.


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3.     That day when you say “ok, let’s upgrade the internet”. Various reasons for that, you may be looking to move to “the cloud” and want your employees to have a nice transition and experience using those applications. You pick up the phone to call into your favorite fiber provider and it takes an unnecessary amount of time to get a proposal. Then once you are done negotiating getting a contract to sign. If that process takes more than a week to figure out it is time to look at your alternate options.

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Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Professional