Top 5 Takeaways from Channel Partners 2018


               This was the first year I have had a chance to go to Channel Partners. A Telecommunications and Cloud technology conference held in Las Vegas. Needless to say, it was a great first experience and there was so much to take in it got me pumped up to work with all the vendors that were there. In this write up I’ll go through the top 5 takeaways that really stuck with me over the course of the show.

               VeloCloud is at the top of the list for me because they really change the way you can connect all your branch locations under one management platform. The visibility you have into your own network and user’s tendencies is really eye opening and provides tremendous value to your network. Imagine that you can aggregate your existing internet circuits at each one of your locations to tie into Office 365 and have outstanding reliability all the way through? You can have that visibility with VeloCloud. Another great insight with VeloCloud is that you can have automatic redundancy over any type of circuit at each one of your branch locations and even HQ. Gone are the days that you have to manually cut over, the edge device with VeloCloud takes care of that for you instantly saving you time and making you money. Needless to say, I’m on board with VeloCloud and their team.

               Second for me was 8x8 who are a Unified Communications, Contact Center, VOIP and communications partner. What I really liked about them was that their people are really all about making you as a customer successful with the business. Especially if you care about customer experience they have a nice new contact center service that allows for automatic call recording and it’ll segment key phrases that are used frequently on calls and allow your organization to act in a more efficient way to handle problems or concerns. Outside of the contact center the collaboration platform is awesome as well. Go from an internal chat to a phone call and if you want to see your colleague hit the video button and you’re on a video call. All from one platform! It’s really too good which is why I am excited to continue working with their team going moving forward.

Nick Prosser & Brian Robertson 

Nick Prosser & Brian Robertson 

               One partner that I met with was from Teridion through my partner Nick. They’re a software company up in San Francisco that accelerates your application to users. If you need to get close to your users with an app and think that by building out an edge datacenter to get closer is the answer you now have an alternative. With Teridion you can keep your money in the bank and subscribe to their service that can turn on in under 2 hours which will accelerate your app to your users as if you had a datacenter close by. Or if your moving massive amounts of data, I mean 2TB to a Petabit of data your going to need a massive pipe to move it all. With Teridion that will be able to move with ease with their proprietary platform. You’re not going to want to think of Teridion to replace your current CDN provider, they’re not after that business. What they want to do is help with moving your Dynamic Content faster to your end users without having to spend so much money on building out edge datacenters. More to come on Teridion and I look forward to bringing them to the forefront of conversations soon with you.

               I was really excited about a new provider of wireless infrastructure called Sierra Wireless. We visited with the team in our high-end cabana at the Venetian hotel pool and talked for what seemed to be over an hour. Outstanding is the word I will describe them. If you have an office in the middle of absolute nowhere Sierra Wireless will be able to look at all 4 of the wireless carriers and do a remote site survey to determine which provider will be the best at that location. Or if you’re a construction company and are onsite at job with a trailer that needs to spin up internet fast, Sierra Wireless is the way to go for sure.

               Lastly, I have to say that there are many ways to get to the cloud and what you want to do with it first is always a question. Whether it’s phones, apps, desktops, critical infrastructure it can get overwhelming, but you always have to back up your data, right? How about Disaster Recovery in the cloud with Flexential. You can now have a cloud DR provider that can handle your data in the event of a real outage they’ll be able to bring back your data as it was left prior to the event. I believe that it will make you money in that now you won’t have to build out a new datacenter and rack and stack multiple storage arrays and servers that can be expensive. Getting into the cloud first with Disaster Recovery taken cared of is a great first step for your business.

               There were many other vendors that I was excited about that were in the UC and Contact Center space. Honorable mentions here for me would be Ring Central and InContact which are both fantastic options for business telephony. There were so many vendors I can’t mention them all here but if you were at Channel Partner or have used any of the providers I mentioned let me know!

To contact me about the solutions mentioned above reach out in the comments or email me. Also visit our Wanify and AtlasIP sites for more in depth details!

Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Professional