The Physical Cloud - What's under the hood?

              The entire “cloud” movement is built on physical hardware that ingests your data and gives it back to you. We like to pay as we go and don’t like to manage things ourselves. In business that translated to our apps being in the cloud, our desktops, our desk phones and our emails. All those services have been moved to the cloud and that cloud runs on physical hardware.

datacenter racks.jpg

              Storage units, routers, switches, phone systems, servers are all in massive datacenters throughout the country and globally so that we can do our jobs more efficiently. Ok, so how do we get to the cloud? The internet. The physical fiber cable that runs in the streets of the city you work in transport the data to and from the cloud. You can also directly connect into the cloud network with providers helping clients access it via a private point to point service.With 5G coming out in the next few years you and me can get to the cloud even faster!

              The main take away is that you will always run on a physical network of routers, fiber and switches to access those cloud applications that you subscribe to. Those applications run on physical storage units and servers so really the cloud is more of a physical environment that we pay the cloud providers to use.


Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Professional