180 on internet - SD-WAN is changing the game

            I believe in the power of the internet 100% and selling it fully throughout my telecom career. However, I can learn to adapt to what is important to customers and I always had it in the back of my head that it wasn’t getting a circuit. I’ll explain the reason why I have changed my mind when it comes to the internet.

SD-WAN or Software Defined Wide Area Networking is the game changer for you and all types of enterprise organizations globally. No longer do you have to wait for fiber builds to your offices or worry about outages. With SD-WAN you get a nice little router which comes ready to install right out of the box at your main offices, datacenter and branch office locations. It seamlessly integrates into your existing network and you can control everything from a single management interface. Nowhere did a big bandwidth pipe come into play because with SD-WAN you can use your existing circuits to the max. Although you can go with a dedicated internet line as you know dedicated internet is the most reliable. You then can go with a more cost effective broadband internet line as the secondary fail-over line. The point is you can mix and match the circuits you have or will buy.

Secondly, you now have the ability to interconnect all your locations, even remote locations that are in fiber deserts. Usually it’s difficult for you to source a reliable internet line in rural or remote areas and you’re left with DSL mostly if not worse. With SD-WAN you can deploy a zero-touch edge router that will automatically connect securely back to your main location to get its policy that you set up for it which will automatically start steering and shaping the traffic on those circuits. This gives your employees a feeling that they are connected directly to the corporate network with all the benefits of fast and reliable internet. The most basic set up you can have with SD-WAN is a DSL internet line and a 4G LTE cell card, the SD-WAN edge device will help in this situation.

Lastly, what about the “cloud”. You and me hear about AWS and Azure and Google all day long and how they’re helping out organizations with great solutions for infrastructure and development. The thing is you have to get to those resources and typically you will just set up a vpn (virtual private network) to connect via the internet circuit you have. There has been a push with the carriers to connect your office via a transport direct connection but those are costly as you are purchasing a dedicated Ethernet line. Nothing beats dedicated from a reliability standpoint so if you have the money and want to go that route good. But with SD-WAN, you can connect even faster to the cloud resources as once you’re connected you can automatically “direct connect” to your AWS or Office 365 services at you main HQ and at the remote sites. This cuts costs on the transport line and keeps things secure as the data is hitting the cloud SD-WAN gateway and then goes to your AWS or any other cloud service you subscribe to. 

These are just a few reasons why I’ve started to shift my view on internet and more specifically dedicated fiber internet. With SD-WAN it really does not matter what type of internet you use as the SD-WAN device and management console will make sure you have maximum reliability and quality of service of applications for your users. More to come on this for sure. Let me know if I missed anything or have anything to add. If you’re considering SD-WAN for your organization let me know and I'll help you out!

Daniel Macias – Telecom Sales Professional