All in on Fiber!

        There are reasons why I am doubling down on fiber networks today and into the future. Our entire lives depend on the fiber optic cables that transport the data we create to the outside world. Smartphones clearly are driving the demand for more data and that equals more fiber in the ground.

              The first reason why I am all in on fiber is because the applications that we use on a daily basis from personal to business all run over the internet. The internet runs over the fiber lines that are in the office buildings you go to everyday. You want reliable fiber service in your buildings so that you can be more efficient with your work.

           You do not want to be on a video conference call with an important client or boss and then out of left field the feed drops, slows down and when you talk it sounds like you are under water. First reaction is panic, then it is what is wrong with the internet?! It is difficult to blame the applications that we use because they are just running on top of whatever internet connection you have at the time.

              Secondly you want reliability. Doesn’t everyone want reliability though? Of course yes. Do you get it? Not all the time. We settle for what we have already or what our ability to buy is... However, having a hard line fiber internet circuit built directly into your building and brought straight to your office suite gives you that piece of mind.

           The last thing we want to do driving into work is wondering if we can get our work done because the internet is terrible. Internet based applications like your CRM or VOIP provider will drastically improve performance once they are able to run on clean, fast fiber based internet service. 

Let me know in the comments what you think!

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional