"Business Class Internet" Huh!?

              Label it. When we meet someone for the first time, buy a new car, describe a situation the brain labels those actions and things to make it easier for you to understand. Labels are good and bad and when they are bad are when they misrepresent that person or thing. That does not stop when it comes to "business class internet".

You know the commercials and trucks with big signs rolling around stating that your business should sign up for business class internet. It is for business, right? So, you run to the website, order the service and you get installed at your office a few weeks later. What happens? Slow, not reliable, can’t upload, frustration sets in and you wonder what the problem is.


              That internet package was labeled “business”. Take that label of business off and replace it with residential and it is residential. There is the problem. I would not take my home service to my office and expect to get real work done. Ask the right questions. Is this service dedicated? Service Level Agreements? Install time frame? How much? To answer the first question a dedicated fiber circuit is always up and down synchronous. With “business class” look at the speed. Massive download and no upload? That is a broadband home service labeled as business. You can also distinguish it on price as well as it will be significantly less expensive. If the service does not come with SLA’s then that should raise a red flag. You are going to get best effort.

              The timing on install will also come out. Dedicated circuits if the provider is on net in the building will take around 30-45 days to install. Business class lines come in at around a week or two. They are great if you are moving to a new location and need some sort of connectivity in a pinch. You will pay more for a dedicated fiber service. Depending on the provider and how savvy your sales representative is you might be able to negotiate a deal. Just do not expect to pay under $200 a month. Dedicated lines are the way to go for any business that wants reliability and peace of mind. Until next time.

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional