Where's the real fiber? Venice - Part IV

               Here we go now. Silicon beach, also known as Venice California. Home to many up and coming tech and content companies spread out amongst the community. You also have the iconic Abbot Kinney strip and also the Venice boardwalk where you can find various types of people with good food and of course muscle beach. If you live or work there you know what to expect, great weather and questionable internet service. Let’s explore who you can work with for enterprise grade fiber service.

                Time Warner Cable is in Venice and helps many of the residents and business community with TV and Cable service. You can also call them up to find dedicated internet service just in case your business requires more than a broadband connection.

                Second up is Frontier which in recent days has said that they might be looking to sell off the FIOS broadband and voice services they acquired from Verizon 2 years ago. See article HERE. However they do have a small presence in Venice in spot areas just before you get into the Abbot Kinney area. If you pay attention to streets you will probably get lucky finding them on Victoria Ave.

                Crown Castle Fiber. It has been a common theme with them not because I work for them but because there is fiber in the areas I am talking about. Crown Castle makes its money in the cell phone tower and small cell tower game with the major wireless providers. When the wireless providers like Sprint or T-mobile want to bring new 4g service to a particular area they need fiber. Crown Castle sells it to them and goes through the process of building out that network.

Similar to that scenario across the country, Crown Castle Fiber has network lacing the entire city. Good for the tech and business community to take advantage of this new network. Crown Castle can provide dedicated internet service and also reliable dark fiber and Ethernet transport service as well.

I have seen a few new enterprise business move away from Venice to Marina Del Rey because they have just outgrown their space in Venice. An awesome developer has taken advantage of this trend and I have had the opportunity to help them out myself. Read HERE! It is expensive to work and live in Venice, the downside is that you have limited space to work with. However the upside is that the providers above are coming to the town and are upgrading the network to handle the growth of the city.

                If you know of a fiber provider that owns their own assets in Venice that I don’t know of let me know in the comments!

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional