Where's the real fiber? Culver City - Part IX


                Now we’re talking, Culver City is an awesome town surrounded by Los Angeles. It is really known for television and film studios most notably Sony Pictures, Culver Studios and the NFL Network. If you drive down on Jefferson you will see that it is a great place to set up shop with your business. Some other notable companies have expanded into the Hayden Tract business park area as well as this part of Culver City has warehouse type of buildings which are good for creating content and housing more employees. Recently Amazon Studios moved to the Culver Studio lot to continue making their great content as well. I will get into who you can expect to find from a fiber provider perspective. Let’s do this!

                Culver Connect of course! Just like in Santa Monica, Culver City has invested in its infrastructure to attract and retain the big business that have called it home for so long already. Culver City fiber surrounds and is engrained in every part of the town which is outstanding for new and existing business. The network is backed up by a “ring” architecture that if cut will fail over seamlessly keeping connectivity going. The network was designed with the intent to make it easier for internet providers to enter the market and service new customers. As we know, building fiber is time consuming so having Culver Connect to bridge that gap makes that ISP helping that client offer better internet rates. So can you subscribe to Culver City fiber for dedicated internet services? No. You have to subscribe to say, Centurylink, which now has fiber in Culver City, subscribe to internet with them and they’ll use the City Fiber to bridge the fiber gap back to the internet for you. If that’s confusing to you don’t be because what’s happening is that Culver City Fiber is more of a dark fiber provider enabling other carriers to enter into the city for you.

Culver City Fiber.JPG

                CenturyLink has fiber in Culver City through the Level(3) acquisition. CenturyLink will be a common provider of reliable fiber internet service and Ethernet services across almost all of the major L.A. metro areas. Their fiber is literally everywhere in the ground and it took a while to build out organically and through acquisition. However they are only in some of the more notable buildings in the areas such as the NFL network building and the “Switch” broadcasting hub on Motor Ave.

                Zayo is for sure in Culver City and they own their own fiber network there as well. There are only a few reasons for major, national fiber providers to be in Culver City and that is because Sony has a massive studio there. And the NFL network called Culver City home as well so these types of clients eat a ton of data and broadcast in real time. You’re going to need high capacity internet and Ethernet services to handle that demand for sure. Zayo offers just that, dedicated internet service, high capacity Ethernet and wave solutions. You can also look at Zayo for dark fiber solutions as well.

Here I'm showing the Hayden Tract area so you can know what I'm talking about visually. 

                Time Warner Cable Spectrum is in deep with Culver City. They have fiber pretty much everywhere in L.A. and you can definitely find them in Culver City for your business. From dedicated internet service to Ethernet point to point they can help you out easily. If you are just starting out and just need regular broadband, tv and voice you know you can get that from Spectrum as well. Installation timeframes I’m assuming are fast because they have a presence either close by or already in enterprise buildings.

                AT&T is also heavy in Culver City as well. AT&T is the incumbent provider in the area and has been for a long time. They are in pretty much every enterprise building in the area from Jefferson to the Hayden Tract business park. AT&T, as we know, does it all from small business broadband, tv and voice service to enterprise class fiber internet, Ethernet point to point solutions and even video solutions. Nobody gets in trouble for signing up with AT&T because they are one of the oldest and largest fiber providers in the world. I just read an article HERE that says that CenturyLink has over taken AT&T for the most fiber globally because they picked up Level(3) which already had a massive global network. I don’t think it’s a competition though in Culver City when AT&T is basically in every building in the area, so if you do move your business to Culver City, expect that AT&T is available to you.

Motor Ave - The Switch/PacTV Location

Motor Ave - The Switch/PacTV Location

                Crown Castle Fiber has a nice presence in Culver City too. One of the major fiber builds that was done in Culver City was for the broadcasting station called the “Switch” out on Motor Avenue. However you can also find their fiber running up on Jefferson and also in the Hayden Tract area as well. Building new fiber is the name of the game for Crown Castle Fiber and if you do end up working with them you can expect reliable fiber internet service as well as high capacity Ethernet and wave solutions. You can also look at Crown for customizable dark fiber solutions as well.

SNIP from Google Maps

SNIP from Google Maps

                You’ll find Frontier in select areas as well in Culver City. You may find them in the Fox Hills business area and that is off the 405 if you get off on Slauson. There are a bunch of smaller type office buildings and then you see more enterprise type of buildings. If you do come across Frontier you can expect broadband, tv and voice service that we all see on TV. If you’re doing anything other than the basics at the office you can get dedicated internet service and Ethernet point to points as well. 

                  In conclusion these are the providers that you can expect to find in Culver City. As you can tell you will have options for reliable connectivity if you do decide to move your business to the area. It is definitely a fiber hungry town and you’ll be rewarded with options for moving there. Let me know in the comments if I missed any providers that have their own network in Culver City. These are the ones that I have come across in my efforts to help new customers over the years.

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional


Disclaiming: Thoughts and opinion expressed by me are my own and don’t reflect back on the carriers.