Where's the real fiber? West L.A. - Part VIII


                This part of town you might always think you’re in Santa Monica, or Century City but you’re not. The Olympic Corridor is just off the 10 West Freeway leading into Santa Monica or up towards Rancho Park which is in Los Angeles as well. You will find that you have a mixture of media and entertainment companies, broadcasting and law firms calling this part of Los Angeles home. If you decide to move your business to this area you have a great selection of high end commercial properties to choose from. Additionally the property managers that own these buildings are top notch and always have the best to offer new and prospective tenants. What can you expect to find when it comes to fiber internet services though? Let’s dive in!

1990 S Bundy

1990 S Bundy

          This is become a theme but Time Warner Cable now Spectrum. They are in almost every major building that I have come across and have brought competitive fiber options too. They are great for broadband internet and voice services if you are a smaller business just needing to do your work. Or they can help you with dedicated internet service for higher end applications and also Ethernet point to points. Spectrum has a robust network in Los Angeles and you can find them in almost every metro area but especially in West L.A. A couple buildings of note where I’ve ran across them are the West Side Towers of 11835/11835 W Olympic and at 1990 S Bundy.

         CenturyLink/Level (3)/TwTelecom is in West L.A. in a major way as well. I keep making the distinction with the three companies because if you end up moving to the area you have to know which network you’re actually subscribing to. When I was with TwTelecom I went out and worked with new customers in this area extensively and brought online a handful of buildings. Namely 11835/11845 W Olympic which turned out to be one of the best buildings I have worked with and still do to this day. But as you know Level(3) purchased TwTelecom and now CenturyLink has purchased Level(3) so if you are new to the area you are riding mainly on Level(3)/TwTelecom network if you sign with them. You can get high end dedicated internet access service and also high capacity Ethernet and wave service from CenturyLink in this area.

       Crown Castle Fiber is new to the area as well. Since being with Wilcon now Crown Castle Fiber we have brought the main buildings in the Olympic Corridor online with new fiber network. 100% owned by Crown Castle Fiber you can expect reliable dedicated internet service and high capacity Ethernet and wave solutions. Driving the expansion in this area mainly for all carriers are the media and entertainment companies which have massive headquarters in this area. Also with enterprise buildings holding more than 20 tenants each made it an easy decision for me to re-target this territory and light it up again with new fiber network.

         Verizon/Frontier is available in West L.A. too. If you move to this area you will find that Verizon/Frontier competes heavily in this area for broadband and voice service and you can also look at them for dedicated internet and point to point Ethernet solutions as well. Frontier however is shopping the network they acquired from Verizon a couple years ago but they are available in most of the buildings such as 11845/11835 W Olympic and 12100 W Olympic. I don’t run into them often in competitive situations but when I do it’s usually when customers are switching away from them so keep that in mind if you’re moving the business to West L.A.

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

         You also might be able to find AT&T in the West L.A. and Olympic Corridor area. In select buildings where you have some of the premiere content producers they usually sign up with AT&T for the large network and ability to handle video traffic. If you end up moving to this area a couple of the buildings where I have come across AT&T are 12200, 12100 and 12233 W Olympic. What you can get from a fiber internet perspective is dedicated internet service, Ethernet point to point solutions and voice services as they are an incumbent provider in Los Angeles.

          Lastly you will find Cogent Communications. They are based out of Washington DC but have a national fiber network and are in many of the denser parts of West L.A. When I worked for Cogent you could find them primarily in the Howard Hughes area on Sepulveda Blvd. If you ever drive down on the 405 North or South you’ll see the buildings as you approach or leave LAX. What you can find with Cogent is dedicated internet access and high capacity Ethernet point to point solutions at really cost effective rates. Cost is what Cogent is known for and if you end up moving to the Howard Hughes area of 6701 Center Drive or 6100 Center Drive you can find Cogent has network available.

                There are other 3rd party providers that have service available in the area as well that I have come across but they do not own their own fiber network and resell carriers like AT&T and Frontier. If you know of any other carriers that own their network in this sub-market let me know in the comments!

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