Where's the real fiber? - Marina Del Rey - Part III

        I’m going to take you to Marina Del Rey this time around in finding out where the real fiber service is! Marina Del Rey is a beach community just before Venice and Santa Monica and is known for its boating community. However, business is thriving in Marina Del Rey and many tech clients have called this city home over the past few years. Let’s explore what you can get!

       In Marina Del Rey you have Time Warner Cable broadband and enterprise fiber service. Depending on what you are looking for with your business you can choose either. Do you like the Dodgers? Then get the cable tv bundled package which they call Spectrum business. If you are looking for a dedicated service they offer that as well.

          You will also find Frontier communications in some pockets of Marina Del Rey. Like TWC, they offer FIOS service for small business and also residential broadband. However from what I have seen you will be hard pressed to have Frontier build you new fiber infrastructure in Marina Del Rey as it is not a strong area for them business wise. Short answer is that you will not find real fiber service from Frontier in Marina Del Rey.

         Crown Castle Fiber is a relatively new provider in Southern California. Prior to being acquired by Crown Castle Fiber, Wilcon was heavily invested with fiber infrastructure in Marina Del Rey. CCF will provide dedicated internet service as well as high capacity Ethernet and optical transport service for big bandwidth types of applications. You will find the fiber towards the Glencoe, Admiralty and Redwood office buildings.

         When you look at Marina Del Rey it’s a coastal town and the only thing you have available for internet and cable is TW Cable. They do a great job, I use them at my home but when it comes to “business” internet do not subscribe to the broadband. Go with the dedicated. I find man clients in Marina Del Rey working with the “business internet” from TWC and I convert them consistently because dedicated service will always trump broadband.

If I have missed anyone let me know in the comments!

TIme Warner Cable


Crown Castle FIber

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional