Where's the real fiber? Brentwood - Part VII

                Brentwood is an awesome part of Los Angeles right off the 405 freeway leading into Santa Monica from Wilshire Blvd. As you enter the city you’ll find high rise office buildings on Wilshire and you can also go down San Vicente where you’ll also find great places to hand out at. You will also find it business friendly as well but what can you find when it comes to fiber service providers? Let’s get into it.

                On Wilshire you’re going to find Frontier/Verizon fiber in these buildings. 11766 Wilshire, 11755 Wilshire ad 11601 Wilshire to name a few. If you plan on moving your business to Brentwood you’ll have options for broadband internet and enterprise grade fiber service as well from Frontier. You’ll have to call in to get dedicated service options as you won’t find that on the website. As I have said before Frontier is shopping the fiber network in the ground and it isn’t clear if they are putting in the necessary effort to maintain or upgrade the network for its current customers. If you really love FIOS service you can get it no problem.

                Time Warner Cable is in Brentwood in full force. When I’ve prospected in the area and met with clients TWC is or was the provider every customer had. They also have a sales office in one of the buildings on Wilshire where I was looking to bring fiber to. For sure you can find fiber broadband, dedicated internet and also more advanced Ethernet services with them in Brentwood. You can also find TWC on the San Vicente side of Brentwood as well.

                Zayo is in Brentwood as well on the Wilshire side just off the 405 in a few of the high rise office buildings. As stated before if you move your business to Brentwood and need dedicated internet service or high capacity Ethernet, wave or dark fiber transport you can find Zayo there. I know for a fact you can fiber Zayo in 11755 Wilshire and 11601 Wilshire respectively.

                The newly formed Centurylink is also in Brentwood. A few years ago when I was with TwTelecom/Level(3) we were lighting up that little pocket with the fiber and we went through a number of fiber builds. A few of them included 11620 Wilshire, 11601 Wilshire, 12424 Wilshire and 12100 Wilshire. Believe me I went after a few other buildings in the area but wasn’t able to secure the anchor tenant needed to spark a fiber build. If you do end up moving to Brentwood especially on the Wilshire side you will find CenturyLink and you’ll be able to find dedicated internet service, voice and high capacity Ethernet services. Another building where you can find Centurylink is 3130 Wilshire.

                In this part of Brentwood from the 405 West these are the providers you can expect to encounter when you start to look at new office properties. These providers have their pros and cons but what you can expect is fast installations and great quality of service. Not to mention options for basic and more advanced features with each. It depends on what you’re doing at the office.

                Let me know in the comments if I have missed any provider in this particular area. These are the ones that I’ve encountered over the years talking to clients and competing for business.

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional.


Disclaimer: These thoughts are strictly my own and don’t represent the carriers mentioned.