Fiber Extensions & Cross Connects - What??!!

              Let’s make telecom simple again. One thing that professional buyers should know is that when they purchase their fiber circuit that is not the end of the story. The fiber extension in the building is a common item overlooked because you think that when you buy service that it will be installed in your suite. Not. Most of the major telecommunication companies install their network gear in the MPOE or Minimum point of entry in that respective building. Often that is where the provider will hand off the fiber service to the customer.


Cross Connect Image.gif

              What happens after that is that you are 5 – 10 – 15 floors away from the MPOE and there is a big gap between your service and your suite. Enter the fiber extension. Another cost that you have to incur because you are not going to that MPOE to plug in your laptop, are you? No, so you should either bring that up to your provider that the service is coming from or hire your buildings preferred fiber extension vendor. If they do not have one you can find one on your own, or if your sales representative is savvy they can make a recommendation for you. The costs vary on the length to get to your suite. If you are within say 300-350 feet it will be a cheap one-time cost because copper can be extended that far without issues. If you are further than that then a fiber extension is needed and that fiber will need special coatings/armor to protect it which could reach deeper into your pockets. The best bet that I have found is working with the customer upfront on the fiber extension as part of the overall deal so that there will be no surprises on the install date.


           Next is the cross connection. These are more focused for the professional buyer in the datacenter space. If you have a server or 20 you will more often than not house them in a datacenter. Datacenters are all over the country and the one you choose will help you connect to the provider of your choice. Cross connections are when you have your favorite internet provider in the datacenter and you want to connect them to your servers. That cross connect is the middle piece to complete your connectivity order. Cross connects are very similar to fiber extensions in a building in that the provider you chose are in a common area of the datacenter and you have a gap in between you and that provider. You have to order the cross connection from your datacenter operator and they will help guide you through the LOAs and will install your cross connect for you.

           The next time you buy internet in your office building or in a datacenter do not forget about the service that you really need to connect. The fiber extension and cross connect. Let me know in the comments you take!

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional