Top 25 Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access Circuits! - Daniel Macias

Say what?! 25 benefits of DIA circuits from what I’ve seen selling them for the past 6+ years and how they have helped the enterprise business customer.

1.       Dedicated! This means that the internet lines are for your business only. There is no “sharing” of the line with your neighbor in the building or in the general area of your office building. The bandwidth is carved out specifically for your office use only and will not degrade throughout the day.

2.       Fast. DIA circuits will always be UP and DOWN when it comes to the speed. So if you purchase a 1GB internet line you will get 1GB UP and DOWN. It’ll help when you want to upload larger files to your cloud storage system or hop on a video conference call with your peers or customers.

3.       Reliable. The DIA line is always built on the fiber. Fiber is built mainly through the ground to reach your office building and is always maintained 24/7 by your favorite internet provider.

4.       Service Level Agreements. These always come with the DIA circuit from your provider. So if the line is cut you have at least a mean time to repair window to make sure your service is back up and running. You also get service credits in case of outages.

5.       Dedicated sales representative. When you buy a dedicated circuit you will always have to call an account representative at that provider. The benefit is that you can build a nice relationship with that person and they will in turn help out with gaining approvals on pricing and even on speeding up install delivery. They also help you out when you look to upgrade and continue to monitor your account and service for the lifetime of the contract.

6.       Peace of mind. You know that feeling when you get when your internet is slow and you can’t do your job? That will all go away with a dedicated internet access line. No more waiting for videos to buffer or files to upload and transfer. Get your work done and stop thinking about the internet.

7.       Voice over IP performance. There is a ton of talk about “the cloud” and “applications” in the cloud. Everything is in “the cloud” but the cloud is simply physical datacenters in major metro cities across the world. Many phones systems now are hosted in these datacenters. How do you access your phones and make calls? Through the internet. If the internet is terrible your call quality will be as well and this will impact customer calls and sales for your team. Get your internet right get your sales tight.

8.       Video Conferencing. There are many different collaboration services out there, but they all run over your internet connection. Imagine if you are doing a video call with clients and it gets choppy and then fails during the call? That’s embarrassing and frustrating at the same time. Look at your internet connection before making that business decision on collaboration services. Think when planning that you’ll need 3 to 4x what you’re working with dedicated internet. That may be on the high side but why risk it?

9.       Sales team morale. I know for a fact that when my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is slow and I can’t log my activity or create an order form for a client fast because of the internet I’m getting beyond heated. You want a solid dedicated internet connection that allows the CRM to sync with your sales persons PC so that it is seamless when it comes to them doing their job.

10.   New technology adoption. If you want to look into any new service that will help take your business to the next level you’re going to want to have a dedicated internet connection.  If you are looking to hire new people you’re going to need a new DIA circuit. If you are looking to upgrade the phone system you are going to want to take care of the internet. If you are running out of cloud storage and are looking at offloading extra data look at the internet to transfer all that data.

11.   Durability. Usually dedicated internet service is built over a fiber network. This is significant because your service will be able to withstand normal weather conditions from rain, fog and wind. This is because most of the fiber is built in the ground.

12.   Customer loyalty. I bring this up because how would your clients feel if you’re on a call, or video call for that matter, trying to get an important deal worked out and the internet keeps failing? Your customer will start to complain and eventually call you out for having a terrible connection. Save yourself from this situation by planning ahead with a dedicated internet service.

13.   Time saving. Imagine having to call you provider and sit on the phone waiting for the technical staff to help you with your internet issues? That happens more often than not and you don’t want to be bogged down with trying to figure out what is wrong with your connection. Having a dedicated internet line will perform and save you time.

14.   Crisis mitigation. Dedicated internet service is your friend, always there for you when you need them. When you need to send a large file or hold an important overseas conference call the dedicated internet line will be there for you.

15.   Rare outages. The only outages in my time of selling dedicated internet services is when the fiber in the ground is accidentally torn up by construction crews. There are more planned upgrade outages in off hours than actual hard downs. I have heard of vandal’s actually sabotaging fiber cables as well, but on its own, dedicated internet service doesn’t go down.

16.   Great backup solution. When I talk to many of my current or potential clients they usually have a broadband connection as their backup service to failover to. I always ask if a broadband line is enough and the answer is no every time. So why not take a dedicated internet line for the backup? Why put your business at risk even for a day with subpar bandwidth to support your business?

17.   Consistent. You are going to want your service to work day in and day out. There will come a point when you simply know that you can go to work and never have to think about whether or not the internet will be working. You never want to work with a product that will let you down, imagine if your computer kept crashing you would go buy another one. Same concept with dedicated internet, most of my clients leave an inconsistent broadband line and step up to a dedicated line that will do the job right.

18.   Not advertised. Dedicated internet is never advertised from what I see on TV and print. You see more of the broadband bundled packages when you do. I’ll admit things that are advertised do have value and broadband internet for a 2 to 5 person office not doing anything crazy on the internet will work. You have to call in or email a local sales rep and engage in a conversation so they can diagnose your true needs around internet and point you in the right direction.

19.   Cloud enablement. It seems like we all want simplicity and the cloud gets us there. But how do you get to the cloud? The internet and having a strong dedicated internet service that will transfer your data and compile and do coding will make your engineers and sales people a lot more productive. If you are deciding to embark on a cloud initiative for any reason you have to step back and secure the dedicated internet connection prior to spending top dollar on those cloud services.

20.   Puts money in your pocket. It’s time consuming to really sit down and look at the numbers, this is why we have accountants. But having a dedicated internet service will start to pay you back in productivity from your employees, more sales of your services and eventually even saving you time. If you calculate how much it costs your business to go down and it’s something you can’t afford then times that by how many hours you lose in an outage. With dedicated internet you have SLAs and 24/7 support. Did I mention that dedicated internet is consistent so you’ll start to see the savings over the life of the service being installed at your office.

21.   Wireless connection. Typically wireless is being supplied from a broadband line, but if you’re office is one of movement and dynamic then a dedicated internet line is the answer.  The same concept applies, if you have a dedicated up and down internet line installed into your wireless network then you’ll benefit from that reliable service. Save the broadband wireless for the “guest” network.

22.    Streaming. Now a days we are streaming everything we do online. From normal every day activities to YouTube videos and podcasts you can stream those over the internet. If you are able to have a studio to create your content you are going to want a dedicated internet connection. You don’t want a choppy or pixelated stream and you want the audio to sound good as well. A good way to gain access to dedicated internet is through studios with pre-built dedicated internet and fiber service already installed. This way as part of your commitment to the studio they’ll provide the connection for you. If you are going on your own with your own studio I would say to stay close to a market not too remote from your local metropolitan area. You will be limited in your availability for dedicated service because most providers do not have the infrastructure in the hills or desert. You want to stay close to the city with your studio location.

23.   Property Manager Approved. When you move into a new building typically that building will have anywhere between 2 to 4 internet providers available for new tenants. 1 or 2 of those providers may already have the networking gear installed in the building that will be able to support dedicated internet access. If you are lucky enough to have those options available your property manager will have one less thing to think about when it comes to having you as a tenant. Aside from the renovations, random issues in the suite and other things that they deal with daily the internet should just work. If the internet works for their tenants that is key because the whole reason why you have an office with them is to do your job.

24.   Dream bigger. You have dreams and hopes for your business and you got to a point where you have the opportunity to buy a dedicated internet service. However as technology gets more condense and there is more data being transferred in your growing business you’re going to have to invest in new technology. If you haven’t invested in the dedicated internet service you are limiting the growth you can ultimately achieve. Having a dedicated internet service as the foundation of your growing business will allow you to invest even more into new tech that will help you grow.

25.   Make more money. How does a dedicated internet service make you more money? If you’re online, streaming or on the phone to reach your customers imagine having the internet be a problem? You will lose money daily from dropped calls, visitors to you site not being able to place an order or will clock off the stream right when you’re pitching a product. With a dedicated internet line you can focus on what makes the business successful and not have to worry about staying productive. Measure your success by the amount of successful conversions of customers you had with a dedicated line versus the alternative. We all need to make money to stay in business and to achieve our personal financial goals. Start with a strong foundation and build your business from there.

What do you think should have made the list? Let me know!


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional