2017 year in review - Daniel Macias


                2017 was a great year. I wanted to recap on what I set out to accomplish this past year below and see how the year went. 2018 will be even better and somehow topping 2017 will need even more massive output. Let’s recap and get into it.


1.       Create original content

What I mean here is that I’m thinking about improving on my business by creating video introductions. I’m a visual person and I react to more positively to videos, so why not produce a few short introductions to send to potential clients and potentially open up more doors?

A.      In 2017 I started doing short video on my phone in front of buildings where I have brought fiber service to. Did a couple handfuls in my territory and wanted to start to do video testimonials with my current clients and property managers but soon figured out people don’t like putting their face out there. I also didn’t force the issue either.

B.      I started to video blog a bit on fiber and also looking back at what I thought about sending video intros to prospective clients that didn’t really work AT ALL. Trying to be different with video is a great idea for prospecting but I didn’t have any success sending personalized videos. Not to say it doesn’t work for anyone else, the problem is consistency and I didn’t achieve that with video.

C.      Writing about fiber and sales grabbed my attention more and I thought about different topics in what I do that I could write and share about. I can definitely say I was more consistent with the writing and I’ll continue that in 2018 for sure.

For the video I didn’t find the consistency I wanted and I found excuses for sure throughout the year. I’ll still put out videos and will focus on being more consistent. My goal with video this year is to share what I know and have the content and quality a little better. More to come on video still.

2.       Reading

After coming off creating videos I’m going to try and read more. When I read, personally I feel that my overall my thought process sharpens and my vocabulary expands. Right now I’m trying to finish Mark Hunter’s High Profit Prospecting and I’m half way done with it. Another book I’m currently getting through currently is the Cisco DESGN manual.

A.      I finished Mark Hunters book on prospecting and I ended up listening to 43 books on Audible which went over 300 hours of listen time. Listening to books on Audible has been my number one choice to consume new and older books. From Sales, Leadership, Motivation, Money and even Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I got into it all. It’s simply a better choice time wise to start listening to your book while you drive, go to the gym or run. I didn’t finish the Cisco book yet, it’s thick and if it was on Audible I’d be done with it by now! There you go.  


3.       Improving my Spanish

I never took Spanish in high school seriously and didn’t take it at all in college. That was a mistake looking back at it now, but with the help of my trusty Duolingo app on my phone I can practice whenever I want. My goal is to get to a more conversational place with the vocabulary I have now and not be shy when speaking it.

A.      Spanish is still an ongoing process, I understand most of it but don’t really like to attempt to speak it unless I really have to. It’s a confidence and laziness issue. The Duolingo application is great and I continue to practice within it.


4.       Have better conversations

I don’t like to not be unprepared on meetings, but I also understand that you have to let a conversation flow naturally during a meeting with anyone. I tend to get stuck with questions I want to ask to get to know an individual better but fail to ask until later on in the process. The goal here is to open up more and cut down on the time it takes to really get to know someone, whether in business or personally.

A.      In 2017 I asked the questions I wanted to ask and I had my best year. The key was confidence because what was my alternative? Not get what I want? When you ask for what you want more often than not you’ll receive. I also wrote down new questions to ask, mainly open ended that would help me discover what I was looking for out of conversation. The book by Chris Voss called “Never split the difference” had a huge impact on the way I handle myself in personal and professional interactions.


5.       Maintain Professional Relationships

This can be applied personally and professionally. Professionally my goal is to reach out more to current clients and deepen those relationships. I’ve always been good at this but going a step further and following up when I don’t have to will help me reach that goal.

A.      I definitely maintained my relationships with Property Managers and current clients that I’ve helped. My focus in 2017 was and still is new business but I was able to still service my current clients and I was even able to upsell in a few situations.

2017 Goal hit not listed.


When I wrote this back in 2016 I was already starting to train for my first Los Angeles Marathon. The reason for that was to get back into shape as I was 40 pounds too heavy. 4 bowling balls being carried around constantly is the way I looked at it and that was all I needed to get busy running. I finished the L.A. marathon, then went ahead and finished the San Francisco Marathon in July. That wasn’t enough and I signed up for the Long Beach Marathon in October where I had some shoe and feet issues but I finished despite the pain.

Make sure you have the right footwear because when you go long you’re going to need stability in your stride. Too cap off my year of running I signed up for my first trail ultra-marathon up in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco. It was my first 50k/34 miles and I finished that! In between I ran on my own and in total for this year I was active 172 days and got up to 1,231 miles. Needless to say I dropped the 40 pounds. All that running helped me mentally become more confident in my job and thus I believe it directly correlated to my success in sales in 2017.

What are your goals for this year and how will you achieve them? The main takeaway is being consistent with whatever we do, it’s the only way to get the results you want.


Happy New Year!


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional