We're all sales guys. A lesson from my CEO.

It might not be anything new what I’m voicing but when I thought about what my CEO said at our last quarterly meeting it made more than sense. He’s a sales guy by selling our board on fiber expansion projects for the company among other things I can’t imagine over my head. Operations and Sales sells our CEO by bringing opportunities that will benefit the company as a whole in the short and long run. Accounting keeps customers happy with billing and makes sure they renew with us, and of course frontline sales, sells end user clients new internet and transport service.

How do you “sell” every day at work? I read a lot about how to approach potential clients, and how not to reach out. I’m a fiber sales pro and I reach out to clients every day by prospecting and sending out proposals. I sell my boss on the idea of spending money on a building to bring our fiber to and build a case around the financial benefits of doing so. From there it goes up the chain again and continues to be sold. I go to networking events and sell myself as a person that is valuable to any organization, knowledgeable and most importantly easy to work with.  I sell property managers in order to gain access into their buildings and help out their tenants by providing them with fast and reliable fiber service.

 Whatever your profession. An accountant, architect, lawyer, developer, IT, SEO, etc. You’re selling someone on something on a daily basis. We all report to someone that holds us accountable so let’s embrace to foundation of our enterprises that which is sales! Good luck out there today, tomorrow and in the future getting deals that help you out, done!


Daniel Macias | Fiber Sales Professional