How to go "internet only" with your cable provider

     Today was the big day because I finally took the leap of faith in downgrading my cable service to internet only. The decision came from years of debating and thinking about it, did I have a good deal? Do I want to give up all the sports packages? What about all the movie channels? Great questions and I justified it by thinking I’ve always had cable, why stop now? So I called in and my experience was this.  

     Great! I was able after two customer service representatives to get to an individual who was very nice and accommodating. She was very diagnostic and wanted to get me the deal I was looking for pricing wise. The key to not get away from your drive to get an internet only service is to keep on “agreeing” with the person and keep asking “can you help me”. When you agree you make the other person feel good about doing something for you and if you can keep your cool and stay on target with no other outcome but what you called in for the better packages won’t matter.  

   The one thing that was patience testing was that I didn’t want to be offered a new deal. The representative was very good at her job in explaining the key features and benefits of 3 different packages. After agreeing that they all sounded great, what you want to do is stay on point and ask if they can help you get to what your outcome is and that would be the downgrade. You have to be polite in the ask, yelling or being smart isn’t going to get you anywhere as we’re all humans and don’t work with people that we don’t like. Eventually if you ask for help enough you will get what you called in for.  

   Another method I used and you could as well and that is to explain why you want to change. When I gave my reason it seemed like I was able to cut through a lot of the alternatives that would have been served up by the representative. You could use this 1-2-3 strategy in almost any situation because people it seems in general like to feel good. When you agree you are making them feel good, when you ask for help you trigger compassion and a want to help, and finally when you are prepared for all alternatives you will end up with what you want.  

Overall my experience with negotiating out of a cable package was a pleasant one but I learned a lesson in how to work with people in a more productive way. Let me know what you think and how you got out your cable contract!?  


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional