What to look for before leasing that new office in L.A.

One of the things I’ve been seeing while talking to my potential clients over the past few weeks is that they’re in areas with old fiber infrastructure. What I mean is that there are the old incumbent carriers in those areas that haven’t taken the time or spent the capital to upgrade the fiber in the ground and on the phone poles.

Some of the areas in question are in Venice, parts of West L.A. Sherman Oaks and in Westlake to name a few. It’s important to ask if the office building you are looking into if there is “dedicated” fiber service available. Often there is basic high speed “broadband” service available but what you get is higher download speeds and lower upload speeds on a connection that is shared with other tenants and with other businesses in the immediate area.

What happens is that weeks, months or even years later you are still stuck with the same service. If you add headcount, add a new software service, upgrade voice service then those lines will be taxed right away. The daily experience of coming to work will be a pain knowing that the internet at the office is terrible.

To combat the problem of not having options when looking at new space is to broaden the search in the area. Look at office buildings that are 3 + stories tall as 9 times out of 10 you’ll find a provider that will have “dedicated” fiber service available.

DTLA 3 years ago

DTLA 3 years ago

“Dedicated” fiber is service that is up and down internet speeds and good for business that do file sharing, uploading, video and voice conferencing and post production/rendering. Critical business activities run better over “dedicated” service and to push further “dedicated” service isn’t shared with other tenants in the building or with businesses in the immediate area.

You’ll find these buildings in Downtown L.A. clearly, West L.A./Olympic Corridor and the Downtown beach cities of Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo and Santa Monica.

I believe there is a disconnect with leasing brokers not educated with what the buildings they represent have available for fiber connectivity. How many deals are signed and then later you are left hanging with terrible internet and can’t do your work efficiently? All because the information about the availability of “dedicated” internet service wasn’t disclosed prior to you signing the lease!

As a tenant looking for new office space make sure to ask who is available in the building for "dedicated" fiber service. It’ll save you time, stress and headache and most importantly money.

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Here is a great article about what dedicated internet is as well


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional