Keeping Cloud Phone Systems Simple

I hear a ton about the cloud these days and every day the value in going to it saves businesses of all sizes cash. There are a few cloud scenarios that I run into often and the most common revolve around phones.

If your office relies on using the phone to do business with clients, then consider using a phone system that is cloud based. There is nothing but advantages of using a cloud based phone system and the main reason is that your system resides in the cloud.

It eliminates you having to constantly manage the system and any updates are done by the provider. With a reliable internet service, the voice quality with be outstanding or you could directly connect into the provider’s datacenter on a private connection.

When you look at where the phone system resides it’s really just the provider housing their voice servers in a datacenter. It removes the physical hardware in the customer’s office and you turn a capital expense into an operating expense as you can now view the phone system as an easily expandable part of the business.

datacenter racks.jpg

Also it helps in increasing productivity by always keeping that user connected to their clients, if they get a call on the road their voicemail can be emailed directly to them. Or you can have the system find you when you’re away by forwarding the call to the cell phone.

Be confident that by going to a cloud based phone system you will have the same if not better call quality experience as you would with a phone system in the office. You’ll have a team dedicated to managing the service for you and the system is secure in a datacenter with high quality infrastructure. Power, cooling, connectivity. Make sure that the office has a quality internet connection and you’ll be ready to take advantage of “the cloud”!

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Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional