Where's the real fiber service? - Playa Vista - Part II

                So where is the real fiber in Playa Vista? I remember when this area was all wet lands when I was going to school at LMU. Now it’s “silicon beach” with awesome homes and some of the top tech companies taking over hangar space in the city. Here I’ll tell you where you can find the real fiber and from who you can get it from.

                About 10 years ago when Playa Vista was being developed there wasn’t much in the realm of choices for fiber service. There was bid on the conduit systems in the area and only one company called Race Communications had the foresight to bid and pick up all the rights to the conduit in Playa Vista. Now they have fiber running all throughout the small up and coming city. Any new provider that wants to service new companies moving in have to go through them. Needless to say they also provide enterprise dedicated internet and other connectivity services for business.

                Frontier is also in Playa Vista. As we know Frontier purchased the Verizon Fios side of the business from Verizon a couple years ago so now they control those assets in California. They have a main hub office on Jefferson and can offer high speed fios service which is good for small to medium types of businesses. If you want dedicated and private connectivity service they offer this as well but you will have to call in to get official quotes. They will also help with basis and advanced voice service as well.

                Verizon still has an office in Playa Vista as well and that was from the acquisition of a company called EdgeCast. Edgecast is a global Content Delivery Provider and Verizon controls those assets now from Edgecast. If you were looking to push massive amounts of data globally you would call Verizon/Edgecast to see what they can do.

                You will also find Zayo and Level(3) in Playa Vista too. Global players in many of the metro areas of the country they have fiber assets in the city as well. They both are fierce competitors for enterprise clients and can provide fiber services such as Ethernet transport and dedicated internet access. You will also be able to utilize them for private optical wave transport service as well. Those services are good for transferring high amounts of data from site to site or site to multiple site locations. Good for streaming.

                Time Warner Cable is also in Playa Vista and can do enterprise and small business fiber services along with home service. They are a little limited in Playa Vista as I have only noticed them in a couple offices building in the area when talking to potential clients in the city.

                Lastly you have Crown Castle Fiber. The fiber runs in Playa Vista down on Jefferson and cuts to the north of Jefferson. Crown Cast Fiber can do dedicated internet access and also high speed Ethernet and optical transport service for clients. They also can help clients that want full control over their network with dark fiber. Dark fiber is good for clients that know how to light up the fiber with their own equipment.

                There are other players in Playa Vista but none that I know of that own and operate their own fiber network. If you have seen a provider that isn’t mentioned let me know!

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional