Where's the real fiber service? El Segundo - Part I


When I try to find options for dedicated internet or high capacity transport and wave services and I type it into google with my city I find nothing actionable. Here I am going to get into different regions of Southern California and talk about what you kind find for dedicated internet.  

I typed in “dedicated internet in El Segundo” to test out my theories and what I got was a bunch of ads for cable service and nothing that would help me for what I was looking for. I can imagine the frustration with business owners and IT managers trying to figure out what they have available to them so they can run their organization. The task is immense because there is nothing but advertising for cable broadband service and nothing for dedicated internet. Attention spans these days are very short and we are all very busy during the day so doing a massive research project on where the real fiber is can be a deal killer.  

El Segundo is one of the most connected cities in all of Southern California. Every major provider wants to be in “The Gundo” because of the business that resides here. You have major aerospace companies that have massive amounts of employees and take up a lot of real estate and they all need dedicated fiber services. And they all want options for redundancy as well because they can’t run their organization on one network. You then have all the smaller non aerospace businesses that are growing that require more than broadband services and that attracts even more providers with sales guys just like me knocking on their doors and calling them up.  

The first provider in the area is AT&T. They do dedicated internet service and high capacity transport service. You have to ask the right questions to get to a real sales person to help you out. Second you have Time Warner Cable. They do a good job and they’re everywhere in the Los Angeles especially in El Segundo. Beware, they only advertise the cable broadband service with TV. That does not really work for businesses that are a little more advanced with file transferring, streaming, uploading etc. You have to ask about the dedicated service. 

 Zayo is also all over El Segundo, they’re a global fiber provider that can do dedicated internet and transport as well. Back in the day 4 years ago TwTelecom with a couple guys lit up all of El Segundo with their network and crushed the competition. I worked for TwTelecom and caught the backend of that success but then Level(3) purchased TwTelecom and now you have Level(3) in “The Gundo”. Great company, good people, massive and they have the network reach and capability to serve your needs. It’ll just be a challenge with an inexperienced rep to get your order through and installed.  

Lastly you have Wilcon which is now Crown Castle Fiber. Regional network in Southern California and can provide dedicated internet and high capacity transport services. These providers listed actually have physical fiber glass in the ground and installed in the buildings in and around El Segundo CA.  

Let me know if I missed anyone. More to come! 


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional