Say "No" faster!

         The faster we can all say “No” the better. Saying no lets you move on mentally from unproductive activities that holds us back from accomplishing a task in a new and efficient way. It would save so much more time on a daily basis and that time can be used to obtain the “Yes” that we as salespeople are after. I bring it up reading articles about how to reach out and be more successful from a prospecting side of the house. Sometimes I read that it takes over 10 tries to reach someone. Why though when we’re all so connected these days.

       I agree that bringing value to your prospects gets things done faster. I surmise if you’re a sales professional, programmer, C-Level that we kill time with individuals bouncing around the “No” as people take into consideration feelings and this drags things out. They’re scared and if we can see this in the other person it’s imperative to come right out and call them on it.  Let’s save time and move on to something that we can accomplish.

       As a sales professional I’d appreciate a “No” almost as much as finding a new opportunity to work on, especially after 2 or 3 touches. This would save time for both my potential client and me. It also gives me an opportunity to connect with them at a time when they would be ready to investigate my services. In so doing I’ve just added a valuable connection to my professional network that I may be able work with later on a different project.

      Time is a commodity and saving time is key. As we get through the the year and start to push the new year let us see how much time we can save by simply saying “No”. I know I’m going to try it!


Daniel Macias - Fiber Sales Professional