Who's Bringing Fiber to Venice?

     What does it take to bring fiber to a city where no other service provider has attempted to build fiber? How is Silicon beach not laced with high capacity fiber when some of the hottest tech companies all choose to start up here? Someone's here to change that.

              The project I have is with a client in Venice, CA and they’re located on Abbot Kinney. Venice has always been interesting for me because there are a few big name clients in the area and there are dead zones of regular retail and small real estate offices. We happen to have Wilcon fiber lines running down into Venice. The lines fork off down Mildred and onto Victoria where there are some studio type clients we’ve already built fiber for. What I’m trying to do is extend that fiber east down Abbot Kinney therefore passing a few of those big name clients I was talking about earlier. Through LinkedIn Sales Navigator I was able to filter, track and reach out to the IT Team over at Zefr and to my surprise I got a call back from them and proceeded to meet and create an opportunity for dedicated internet access. They had a need as Verizon, now Frontier, doubled up their rate for internet and it was simply too much.

              After the meeting we took pictures of the telephone poles that we might be able to utilize for the build and save a little money. The problem was that the lines on the pole were tangled up and they look as if they were leaning on the buildings for support. I consulted with my operations team and it was determined that we’ll be doing an all underground construction project. Even if we tried to submit a permit for pole rights it would have been declined. I explained the findings a week later and explained we’ll be outlaying a significant amount of cash to start the project.

              From this point my research of the general area of Zefr turned up a handful of clients along the new fiber path that would likely benefit from our services in the area. One of those potential clients is SnapChat, a lot of us know about them as we play with their app. Vice, they write interesting articles and put out interesting documentaries on HBO based out of NYC but they have a smaller office in Venice as well. I was able to locate other internet based clients along the route as well. My effort has been to spread the good word about us having a high probability of starting this project for Zefr. The goal is to also help those clients as well with a new option for fiber service. Thus far my primary mode of reaching out to potential clients has been LinkedIn Sales Navigator and calling on the phone.

              The benefit in building in this area is that there hasn’t been a CLEC that has built fiber in the general vicinity for years. If you start up a business in Venice, your service provider is either TwCable or Verizon/Frontier. You can also get 3rd party providers that would resell those two providers as a middleman to get back to their network. It is important to note that none of these providers sell dark fiber or connect into 50 + SoCal datacenters or can get them access into cloud providers like AWS on a private line connection.

              All this must happen before I take my business plan to my CEO. It has to be airtight because in general CEO’s don’t have time for silly deals and at the end of the day want to make a profit from any investment. With my business plan in hand I can then ask him to invest in my idea of extending our network east into Venice. Building network is what I do, but it’s rarely ever about the product, it’s about selling the value of physically digging up the ground and bring fiber directly to that end client. Until next time.

Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional