New provider in L.A. - Frontier

Have you seen those new billboards in L.A. with the “Introducing Frontier” on them and wondered what is happening? Frontier Communications is a fiber internet service provider based out of Connecticut. They purchased all of Verizon’s wireline, broadband and Fios operations in California, Texas and Florida. That is a ton of fiber and copper assets coming under the umbrella of Frontier. It’s a big move and understanding what they bought is a task by itself, then to maintain and or upgrade old services will be another challenge. The advantage is that they just expanded their reach and now have access into both residential and enterprise business clients.

If you are a Verizon Fios customer before you’ll be alright. Fios is a great product if you are lucky enough to have them in your area. Not much changes for residential. However it will be interesting for enterprise business customers as now they have a new network provider with a new way of doing things from customer service, outages, sales and just overall service delivery.  Time will tell for sure. 

Now we have an idea of what Frontier is about on a high level. 


Daniel Macias | Fiber Sales Professional