Fiber. An Afterthought.


                With new technology coming out every year such as SD-WAN, IAAS(Infrastructure as a service) and UCAAS(Unified Communication as a service) it seems like organizations are forgetting about what makes these new technologies work. Fiber internet is expected to be fast and just work when we show up to work every day essentially turning it into a commodity. I disagree, fiber service is in high demand because as we start to use new life changing applications those applications are riding on fiber.

                All too often when I hear that customers are having issues with simple tasks such as voice quality, or transferring files to a cloud storage service they wonder what the problem is. The internet and fiber network is the problem and so they look to upgrade with their favorite provider but don’t know exactly what they’re getting into. You really can’t run business applications on a broadband service packaged and labeled as “business internet”. The pitfall with “business service” that we see on TV commercials is that it is a “shared” service meaning multiple subscribers are using the same line in your building or around in your general area of the office. Oversubscription is what happens so that your favorite provider can pack in as many subscribers on one line to make as much money as possible.

                Lastly why true fiber service seems to be an afterthought is because we get excited for new projects, toys, applications anything that would distract from the truth. The truth being that when new business projects from an accounting software rollout, new sales CRMs or having an opportunity to streamline multiple locations the fiber service is the last thing we’ll think of. When the new project is completed and you’re ready to go live whoops, it’s slow because your fiber provider can’t handle the new load on the network. You have to get a “dedicated” fiber connection and those are always designated for your office only. These lines take longer to install if there is a fiber build out involved but install quicker if that provider already has fiber at that location.

                When considering new business projects the first thing to evaluate is the readiness of your fiber network to handle the new applications. Over budget for this as 10Mb is never enough and 100Mb and above should always be the minimum required to handle the projects. Good luck!


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional