Telecom Propaganda - "Business Internet"


                The one thing that we have to be mindful of is when we see endless propaganda about how great the cable provider is in your city. In particular Spectrum advertises to businesses with an in your face deal for 100Mb of internet for only $50 a month. You don’t have to sign a contract either. This should be your first red flag. $50 a month for 100Mb of internet is a “shared” internet connection with other subscribers in your building and general vicinity. They pack in as many clients onto one circuit over-subscribing the line to maximize the dollars. It’s really a numbers game.

                What happens next is you finally get the new line installed and realize that the service is terrible when you try to upload and even complete outages. This is because when you get this type of “business” service you don’t get the same upload speed as the download and without a contract you are not going to have a Service Level Agreement that protects you against poor quality of service. Second red flag is when you see the buyout language in the advertisements. Fiber providers rarely if ever buyout contracts with new clients if we’re talking about dedicated service or anything more advanced like multi location solutions

                It’s hard to guarantee anything in life but when it comes to telecom reliability is everything. If we’re saying 99.9% reliability this service should not go down but it’s a contradiction. No SLA’s don’t cover you from outages and when the claim is 99.9% they’re banking the service will always be up. This isn’t the case for this type of business service because of the oversubscription on the line. You have to get a dedicated type of service to have any sort of guarantees. I’m guilty of loving more for less and when I see that I can buy something and get more I’m all about it. However, in reading the fine print further you’ll see that the service is being compared against ATT DSL. DSL will always be slower and lower in quality, it’s the cheapest of the cheap and if you’re 1 or maybe 2 people in the office not doing anything crazy on the internet like watching Netflix you’ll be ok.

                If you try to run a 10 person or more business on a business line it will be an uphill struggle to get anything done. Make sure to ask about the dedicated solutions when making a telecom buying decision because dedicated lines will be your best bet for reliability and true speed.


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional