Building Access Agreements - What's That??

I’ve had the pleasure to work with two the best Property Management/REIT firms in the Westside and Santa Monica over the past two and a half years. They understood the value that bringing a competitive fiber option to their buildings would benefit their existing tenants and also build value for new potential tenants moving in. All too often tenants move to areas or to commercial buildings that do not know what they offer from a communication standpoint. It is important for the property managers and also the leasing brokers to know that the sale doesn’t stop when the lease is signed. As a potential tenant when one tours a building it is essential to know what communication options are available.

Traditional carriers in buildings are not good enough anymore and having a cable operator as a provider is just… a cable operator. The core business for traditional carriers are wireless, thus resulting in minimal investment into the network that is in the ground and cable operators are worried about getting us as consumers at home. Both aren’t good for the enterprise business customer looking to sign a lease. It’s absolutely imperative to have a provider that caters to the enterprise business community enabling them to operate efficiently and effectively at the new office.

If leasing brokers and Property Managers understand this fact it will give them an advantage in the eyes of their potential lease clients. Increasing sales and customer retention in the process. Gaining ROE or Right of Entry is the first step. It’s the process of getting buy-in from the Property Manager to allow the communication provider to install their fiber equipment in the building to provide far superior service to their existing and potential clients. We live in and work in a city that demands access anywhere any time and if people go to work with the thought that it’ll be a long day because the internet connection is sub-par then it’s the job of that Property Manager to change that line of thinking and look at improving their buildings communication infrastructure.


In closing, the more educated the Leasing Broker and the more open minded the Property Manager will result in the undeniable understanding of:

  1. The value of superior communication services.
  2. Bottom line profits for the building and their customer’s bottom line.
  3. The foundation of all business communications and our daily lives is the internet. So, let’s make it better!


Daniel Macias | Fiber Expansion Expert in Los Angeles