Beginners guide to buying Internet

There are many types of internet packages available in the market from different service providers in your city. The most important thing to understand when you’re buying internet for your business is what you’ll be using the internet for.  The most common internet package we all purchase is broadband internet for our homes or offices and every time the package is asynchronous. Asynchronous means that you get a download speed at a certain level but the upload speed is not the same. Streaming videos, downloading files, emails and basic phone use is best for broadband internet. It’s cost effective because it’s a shared connection with other subscribers in your general area or at the office, but could cause problems if you try more advanced actions such as video conferencing or presenting something on the web.


The alternate side of the spectrum is a dedicated internet connection which is always synchronous, the same upload and download, connections from your provider. Generally dedicated connections are great for more advanced applications that require fast speed and is not shared with other subscribers in your office building. These can include video conferencing with clients, accessing critical applications in a hosted environment, such as Amazon Web Services, as well as downloading and transferring large files internally or with customers. Typically you can range from a small scale 10Mb connection to a larger scale 10Gb connection depending on what type of business you operate.

Some examples of broadband providers can be found here, here and here. Also you can find dedicated providers herehere and here.

I hope that the next time when you think about buying new internet service that you have a little edge on what you’ll be buying. Until next time!


Daniel Macias | Fiber Expansion Expert in L.A.