Telecom Slang - Waves


                Sometimes I hear that some companies are going to “40Gb” or “100Gb” to support their growing need for data. How are these examples of companies going to these speeds possible? They have a two options really to choose from. Either go with a dark fiber solution which is simply leaser fiber cable and manage that themselves. Or they can go with an optical “Wave” solution.

                Waves start from 1Gb all the way to 100Gb of transport speed and it all depends on the type of hardware that particular company is using to connect two end points. This is because a wave solution is a point to point or multi point solution which can connect 2 or more locations together. Typically from what I’ve seen it is only a 2 site solution connecting a client’s main HQ to another location such as a datacenter. Waves can achieve higher speeds when the hardware that client is using will support 40GB or 100Gb worth of data and those pieces of gear can run up the dollars in a hurry.

                Waves solutions can only be ran over a fiber network from a provider that can offer that sort of high end service. Light waves running over the fiber glass can pack in tons of data which make a wave service desirable when doing videos, streaming, financial trading or live video conferencing. All of these types of applications you want stellar quality and the wave solution will give that to you. A wave service is a “LIT” service meaning that the provider you buy the wave from is managing that service from start to finish because they are supplying the hardware and monitoring the service for you. This is a better way to jump into the product because you aren’t supplying your own hardware or managing it yourself which could cost you a ton of money and you may even have to hire a whole new IT staff.

                Security is often a consideration for any connectivity situation and waves are inherently secure because you are subscribing to a private network. The provider will most likely provide you the service over a dedicated pair of fibers that will not be shared by any other subscribers in the area. For added security you can also encrypt your data being transferred from end to end but that will run up the price tag a little as well. In the end wave solutions are good if you’re trying to transfer massive amounts of data in real time and want it to be reliable and secure. Until next time!


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional