The Art of "Lighting the Building"

Today it's important to understand that the foundation of an organization's business is the internet connection at the office. All commercial buildings always have some sort of internet connection preinstalled at the location. In different areas you'll have the incumbent ISP or "Local Exchange Carrier" LEC in the building already as they have the network in the ground and the access into the buildings ready for us by the tenants.  

However very often those carriers can't offer competitive speeds or rates in those commercial buildings and thus the unsung heroes of telecom emerge pre-selling for what they call a "Competitive Local Exchange Carrier" CLEC for short. They have network in their respective Cities but don’t have access just yet in said theoretical commercial building. (See below example picture of commercial building)

The story begins and ends with relationship building not only with the “Anchor” tenant who understands the value of affordable, reliable internet and won’t be beholden to whatever their building has to offer for internet. But also building the relationship with the people that make all the difference to gain access into their buildings. The property manager! They hold the key to allowing access into their building and understanding and navigating their internal processes and procedures will allow that CLEC to install into the building thus “Lighting the Building” with their fiber network.

The next part is simply coordinating with the property managers and the CLECs engineering team to determine how to enter the building and also gaining city permits to dig up the ground and lay new fiber or ride on telephone poles to get into the building to serve the customer. When everything is completed we have a happy customer, a grateful property manager and now that buildings tenants have an option to choose a carrier outside of what they’ve been accustomed to for who knows how many years.

This is what it means to “Light a Building”. I hope I’ve shed some light on what the process is. It’s fun!

Daniel Macias | Fiber expansion expert in L.A.