Fiber Vs Internet

      I was inspired to write about this topic after I was told by a prospect that they “already have fiber”. Common objection which was handled but I wanted to break these two down.  

      Fiber is the medium to which all our data is transmitted from place to place. Not every city has fiber as there are still some old legacy copper wires hanging out there that still need to be retired by the incumbent local exchange carrier. I.E. ATT and Verizon and a couple others. Fiber is the best way to move large amounts of data and to bring it to new cities and buildings and businesses in them you have to buy the internet. Or a variant of a “LIT” service such as point to points solutions and wave point to point solutions. Fiber providers normally will not prebuild fiber to locations without billing customers already waiting for the service to be delivered.  

      The internet is the service you buy from your favorite provider in your area. It is was connects us to the outside world and allows you to do your job more effectively. The internet is a competitive product. It seems like everyone can sell it which is a great thing. However all internet service that we subscribe to is handled by a couple handfuls of providers. E.G. Level(3), ATT, Verizon, Sprint, Zayo, CenturyLink, Tw Cable etc. The level as to which it is maintained by each provider and the level of customer service you get with each can at times be great and terrible. Maintaining a massive national and global network of fiber, network switches, datacenters and people takes a lot from these guys and that is where competition comes into play.  

     If you don’t for some reason like your provider switch, if you’re paying too much, switch. If your business requires fast upload and download you’ll need a dedicated service. If you are working with a handful of partners and just need to get email done and phones then a broadband service works. You have options to choose from. The point is that fiber is not the internet. Until next time! 


Daniel Macias – Fiber Sales Professional 

Daniel is a Sr. Account Executive with Crown Castle Fiber. A Southern California Fiber Infrastructure and Datacenter Provider based in Downtown Los Angeles. Daniel can help with procuring alternate options for connectivity with customers and secure datacenter space in One Wilshire. From Dedicated Internet to Dark Fiber private networks in Los Angeles, Daniel has you covered. dmacias34 on twitter